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Restoring Lost Hope
Reaching Out to the Vulnerable
Transforming Futures Together

AMEA Foundation is committed to making a lasting and meaningful impact on the lives of underprivileged children, single mothers, and individuals affected by HIV/AIDS. Our comprehensive support programs are designed to uplift communities, create opportunities, and inspire positive change.

With the unwavering support of our compassionate donors, dedicated volunteers, and passionate team, we are transforming futures and overcoming obstacles. Together, we are building resilient communities, fostering empowerment, and shaping a brighter tomorrow.

Journal Post

From the Journal

Fostering Love and Connection: A Heartwarming Encounter at AMEA Foundation
Recently, our Executive Director, Micheal Nyakahuma, took the time to engage with our little kids and orphans, creating a remarkable experience filled with love and compassion. This heartwarming encounter allowed the children to experience the genuine care and sense of paternal love that is essential for their emotional well-being.
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Extending Support and Uplifting Lives
Aiding Households in Need: During our outreach efforts, we had the privilege of visiting numerous households in Wakiso District, where we encountered families grappling with various adversities. Financial hardships, food
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